Exploring the ‘Verse From My New Home Office

Two months ago, I started doing something I never imagined myself actually doing: working from home. I’ve been tempted by the idea for a long time, but it never seemed the right fit for me. My background is in baking and pastry and hospitality management, and after a dozen years in the industry with not much in the way of career progress, I found myself on a new path: another entry level position as an Administrative Assistant at a retirement community.

So many pre-dawn hours spent here making magic

Not what you were expecting, right? What was great was that this job allowed me to have a normal, set schedule with decent hours and weekends off. After years of pre-dawn mornings and very late nights, I was craving the routine and it was such a nice change. I formed an unexpected friendship with my boss/direct supervisor and his family and found a sense of confidence I didn’t have in the hospitality industry. But the best part? My residents. I cannot tell you how many times a day someone would genuinely thank me for calling maintenance to unclog their toilet or hug me for “fixing” their phones (turning up the volume). This job was more challenging than I’d expected, but more rewarding than I’d ever thought possible.

So why would I leave? I consider myself to be a hard worker and dedicated employee, contributing to something and being part of team has always made me feel useful, but I wanted more flexibility. I love traveling both domestically and internationally. Packing up and going somewhere new has always been exciting to me and I love the thought of a completely mobile office. Being able to work from anywhere at any time? Yes, please. Now it was just a question of what I could actually do. My husband has been working as a freelance writer for four years. His schedule is structured yet flexible, and every time he’d leave for a work assignment, I’d want to go with him. Writing has never been my thing. I don’t hate it, but I didn’t think of it as an option for me for work. However, when an opportunity presented itself for me to work for a Disney news/fan site, we decided it was the right option for me.

Now my day consists of me waking up and actually enjoying my cup (or two) of coffee while I sit at my desk and make sure the website is in good order. I share press releases, put together silly articles, and brainstorm ideas for buzz pieces and park guides. I’m far from the perfect person for the job and I know that I have a lot to learn, but for the first time I feel like I’m on the verge of something big. I have confidence that this new adventure is what I’ve been seeking for a long time. The timing feels right. I know I’m walking into many unknowns and I’m excited about it. Sure, there’s a little bit of apprehension, but I’m not scared. We’re going to make it work. “No power in the ‘verse can stop me.”

From my geeky desk to you,


Day one.
Day fifty-six. I think.

If you couldn’t tell, I have a thing for science-fiction/outer space and Joss Whedon’s Firefly was the inspiration for the name of the site.

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